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The Anjunabeats Rising Residency with Nourey #3

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  1. Jeez, a throwback of In Search Of Sunrises that is the perfect way to start off my morning. I'll always hold these close to my heart. These albums and Anjunabeats100 is what really kicked off my interest towards trance and progressive. Beautiful

  2. Tiestos tastes were so Intune when these tracks were compilated and his music greatly reflected that. Sadly, I don't know where that culture went. It unfortunate how someone can be so legendary then fall to chasing top 40 publicity. If he had only kept with what he was passionate about…

  3. LET'S F'ING GO! I've been listening to lower BPM deep house for what feels like an eternity now, but the GOLDEN DAYS of trance are still available thanks to utterly fantastic mixes like this! I am so thankful for artists like Nourey who know their stuff and are willing to dig into the archives to resurrect some of the best music ever recorded. Wish I could Like this set 100 times. It's one of the best time capsules I've come across and I'm sending it out to everybody I know 🙂 GREAT STUFF!! Thank you Nourey!!!