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Sunil Sharpe Techno Set Live from #DJMagHQ

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  1. Tracklist posted by Sunil:
    Blackhall & Bookless – Occupy – Jaunt

    Happa – Argot (Parris remix) – Fnord Communications

    Shadowax – A&B (Version) – RASSVET Records

    Ambulance – Douche Noir – Open Ear

    Smash TV – I Love You Now – BPitch Control

    Angel Alanis & Rees Urban – Game Over – Tresor

    Billy Nightmare – I’ve Seen The World – Sounds.

    Steve Stoll – Elastic – Sm:)e Communications

    Dave Tarrida – Wir Hassen (The Horrorist remix) – Mindcut

    Forest Drive West – Un – Neighbourhood

    J.C. – Vertigo (Shed remix) – Cabrera

    Trevino – Black Cat (Roberto remix) – Fossil Archive

    Truncate – Wave 1 (Ray Kajioka remix) – Truncate

    Tserg – Forgotten Times – Deeptrax Records

    Nuel – Alabama Crimson – Northern Electronics

    Limit-Experience – Sentido – Orden Extática

    Cestrian – Underbite – E-Beamz

    Extreminador – Guaraci – Cultivated Electronics

    Tinfoil – Every Saturday Night (Sync 24 remix) – Tinfoil

    Galaxian – Trigger Action – Earwiggle

    Isabella – Penchant Disenchant – Peder Mannerfelt Produktion

    Ansome – Vakuum – Rave Or Die

    WarinD – I’m So Sick (Max Durante remix) – WarindD Records

    Booty Slave & D.A.V.E. The Drummer – The Beast (Perc remix) – Hydraulix

    Do The Du – Lost Acids – Senseverse

    Deep Dimension – Rave Channel – Gen X

    Gonzo MDF – The Train Is Leaving – Counterweight

    TSR – Major Pump (Modulator remix) – Riot Radio Records

    Garies – Crash Course – Major Problems

  2. As time moves on we are more reliant on the machine; the exactness. We can't seem to deal with what that dosen't come to us instantly; with the click of a button. we cant seem to deal with the natural flow, the unkown, our own instinct. Mixing on vinyl, needs instinct, it needs natural flow. Its a physical thing, you need to touch it…feel it. Like the record itself.
    We are natual beings, we part of the earth, part of sound. Step back and take in the form, tone, line, shape, texture…re-open your mind. Disconnect