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Sam Divine & Simon Dunmore – Defected Ibiza 2018 Opening Pre-Party – LIVE DJ Set From Cafe Mambo

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  1. Got the feels when Music is the Answer came on, but who is the short guy in the DEFECTED jersy in the booth wearing the white bandana or the tall guy in the white DEFECTED shirt with the sideline or chin strap wearing the black hat. They were grooving and being House Mother to the House of Vayne I could use them in an upcoming event, Plus, I love Sam Divine, and why keep your phone out enjoy your self i would of ben up there doing my Vogue dance.

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  3. 48:51 the conversation goes something along the lines of

    Simon: You've heard this new Defected track..?
    Sam: No! It sounds sick… anyway, can I borrow your headphone jack? I lost mine.
    Simon: Yeah sure, here ya go
    Sam: Thanks so much! Can I keep it?
    Simon: NO! it's mine. I lost 2 this week, 2, haha
    Sam: It happens all the time
    Simon: What are you gonna do about it

  4. Simon Dunmore is a sexist twat. He fired my mum back in 2001 cuz he had a thing for her and couldn't let it go. She co-founded defected with funding from Ministry, he'll take all credit for it and had her name wiped, but she had a kid with someone else to make me back in late 2000 and sacked her under a year after I was born.
    Made her go infront some sort of a "board" to explain her wrongdoing of forming a relationship with someone who worked in a lower department at Defected, plain and simple sexism cuz back then all the top boys were fucking girls in lower departments, and said "don't do anything silly like have a child".
    She did and they prevented her searching for a different job when they clearly didn't want her because they had to pay her maternity leave. Moved her office for the last month she worked there next to the toilet to shame her infront of everyone else working there, when she was there from the start.
    This may ruin your "vibe" rn but I'm going round trying to spread this. It needs to be said, we didn't have a MeToo for nothing. Fuck Simon, he's rich and successful anyway so what good will this do? I don't know. But this man can suck one for how he psychologically manipulated and threw out my Mum. Fuck Simon Dunmore, you misogynistic asshole.