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OFFAIAH (Episode #7, Live from Palm Springs) – Defected Broadcasting House

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Comment (23)

  1. Gotta say….sorry Offaiah. A constant theme and stream of repetitious beats that go on and on. I've heard a couple jams and it's me observing. Left to Right, left to right, Wave your hands, wave your hands…. But who am I….Just someone who listens to a LOT of music.

  2. Predictable House set. Sounds like a recycled Roger Sanchez set. Same off kilter extended (too long) transitions. Packaged samples Set has no Soul. No creativity. I lost interest at 20 min mark. Need a marathon Eric Morillo (God rest his soul) set or something from Timmy Regisford or Tony Humphries. Chosen Few. In the beginning there was JACK Let there be House