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Derrick May Techno DJ Set Live From Hi-Tek-Soul ADE Party

Techno pioneer and Detroit…


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  1. (00)Jimmy Edgar-The Dip Chair
    (02)DJ 300-Take Me Away (Truncate Remix)
    (06)Mark Broom – King
    (12)Tevatron-My Origins,Part 2 (Spatial Mix)
    (17)Charles Green-Routes
    (21)Greg Gow-Lantana
    (28)ASSAILANTS feat. Ben Sims&Truncate-Effort 8
    (31)Tom Flynn – Packard
    (33)Delano Smith-Midnight Hours
    (36)Hector Oaks-Avoid Reality
    (45)Trevino&Roberto-Jan Roller
    (50)Walk The Night – Skatt Bros?
    (56)Tevatron – My Origins (Spatial Mix)
    (61)Deep'a & Biri – Emergence
    (69)Two Full Minds – No Smoke (Deep Deep Dap)
    (74)Jerome Sydenham & Hideo Kobayashi & DJ Said – Yaba

  2. For those who don't know, Derrick May was friends with Thomas Barnett,
    Blake Baxter and Eddie Fowlkes and had them come over to his place to
    use his equipment and record tracks. Derrick then stole their tracks,
    including Nude Photo and released them under Rhythm Is Rhythm. The piano
    section from Strings of Life was performed by Mike James and although
    he was credited, Derrick May has never paid Mike any royalties. I've
    seen conversations between Derrick and Mike where Derrick promised to
    pay Mike and nothing materialised. Chez Damier introduced Mike to
    Derrick in to 80s and in a later conversation, Derrick promised on their
    friendship to pay Mike his portian of the royalties. Again, nothing
    materialised. There's also women coming forward internationally to speak
    about their negative experiences with Derrick. We're talking about some
    serious allegations. Derrick's career rode off those tracks, which
    weren't his. Mike's exposing Derrick and a book is due to go on sale
    with a full expose. Coincidentally, Mike has started to receive
    threatening calls and messages.